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Delmarva Dish is pleased to offer both  Dish Network  and DIRECTV for Satellite TV needs. Dish Network provides a generous selection of programming packages as well as one of the best deals on satellite equipment in the industry. At Delmarva dish you can schedule FREE installation for up to 4 Rooms of Dish Network satellite service.

Satellite TV with DVR and FREE HDTV Receivers!

Many of us can only choose one provider for cable television. Without competition our cable subscription rates continue to climb. Our bills just went up again and are now double what they were just a few years ago. There is an alternative and it is a satellite dish service provider. At Delmarva Dish we offer Delmarva residents a choice to save with Dish Network


Our Company has always been about giving the customer CHOICES.  When it comes to Satellite TV, we feel the same way. While Many enjoy the Programming and Free Equipment offered by Dish Network, others really prefer the service of DIRECTVAs we have done for years with our phone and internet services, we do not Push one provider or Service. Pick the Satellite Service that is best for you.

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Dish Network

Satellite TV with Free Installation. For Dish Network with Free Equipment and Professional Installation, click "Click for Free Satellite" or "Find Out More" below. We Pay You up to $200 Just to Sign-up!  Ordering is Easy: Order online or call our Toll Free number. You must use the Extension and mention our Promo Code found on the bottom of this page.


Here's How to get a Free Dish Network System:

 Extension: CRV11249
 Promotion Code: CRV20

Free Dish Network Offer: FREE Equipment for up to 4 Rooms, Free Professional Installation, FREE DVR- Free Digital Video Recorders, FREE HDTV Receivers, Free Lifetime Warranty. Click Here

Dish Network Satellite TV Programming: Over 60 Channels Plus HBO and Showtime Premium Channels. Sirius Music Promo packages. Local Channels included where available. Plans start at $19.99!

Signup Now for Free Dish Network Installation:    Order Dish Network Satellie TV

Other Savings: Whatever you need to buy we can help you Save money. We have cell phone plans for individuals and families, CDs, DVDs ,and video games for entertaining the kids; NetFlix specials, and even T1 internet broadband for businesses that need several or dozens of lines.  Other Links  Satellite Links

Want DIRECTV Instead? 
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